Monday, August 31, 2009

Nick Names for Sale

If you've ever watched European hockey leagues you probably wondered what team the players played for. The Djurgarden Peugeots? The Copenhagen Tissots? Huh? With all the ads covering their jerseys, it's tough to tell exactly which are brandname logos and which are their team logos. I remember there being rumblings about bringing that over to the NHL to bring more revenue into the sport. I dreaded it and didn't think I could stomach watching my Leafs with McDonald's logos plastered all over their sweater. Well, I have come up with an idea to end those talks before they start up again. I'm sure you are as tired of uncreative nicknames as I am. Why is it that all NHLers these days just take the first syllable from a players' name and add a "y/ie" or "er" to the end? I mean Kabby, Komi, Ovie, Caber? That's just lazy and basically kills any notion that they will ever have a cool nickname. Since they're wasting their potential, why not make the most of it and sell the rights to their nickname for a few bucks? Looking at the Leafs roster, here's a few that I could really push for them if they let me. Luke "Mr. Clean Magic Eraser" Schenn
The human eraser is probably the only good thing to come out of Pierre Maguire's mouth, ever. So why not take advantage of such a rare moment? My pitch to Mr. Clean would be simple. Luke Schenn is strong, durable and rubs dirt off the boards. The kid is so impressive he sells himself. I'll still take my 10% cut though. Jason "Smith & Wesson" Blake
If you're unfamiliar with Smith & Wesson, you are probably Canadian or a peace loving hippie. S&W are the largest manufacturer of handguns in the United States. Right off the bat, there's a noticeable resemblance between the two, they're both made in the USA! You want to stop somebody dead in their tracks? Pop them a couple of times in the chest with 9mm. Well, Blake's accuracy is just as outstanding. He never seems to have any trouble hitting goalies square in the chest. SOLD! Lee "Scotch Invisible Tape" Stempniak
There are times when you need when you need visible tape; like when you're painting your house. Then there times when you really wish you had some invisible tape; like when you break your glasses and need a quick fix. Well, I can't think of a more invisible player in the NHL than Lee Stempniak. I can't really tell you what he brings to the table because I don't even notice him on. There's been a rumour circulating around that the Ann/Annhog/Who?/Egg character from Arrested Development was actually based on our buddy Lee. Colton "Trojan Magnum" Orr
Colton Orr was brought in for his size and his ability to protect his teammates. True, Burke probably didn't need an enforcer that big, I mean Tie Domi wasn't exactly huge, but like most men, he felt the need to over compensate. Mike "Firestone" van Ryn
While one is made of black rubber and the other is known to hit black rubber, they are both known to explode under pressure. Now Firestone probably won't be happy with van Ryn if he's on the shelf all the time. Well that's okay, we'll have an open clause in their contract where they can jump from player to player. Once van Ryn is on the DL, we can assign the name to Colaiacovo, Gaborik, Havlat and many other viable candidates around the league. If van Ryn is willing, we can also infuse Firestone rubber into his bones and watch him wipe out when making sharp turns. Wayne "Tampax" Primeau
Tampax is probably the most famous brand of tampons available and why not? They're proven and dependable (I would only assume). Wayne Primeau is basically the tampon to the NHL's vag. He's not exactly a player somebody would want on their team, I would straight up call him a plug. When the game is going at too quick of a place, I'm sure Ron Wilson won't hesitate to throw him on the ice to stop the flow of the game. As far as stopping leaks, I guess we'll see how much of a pounding his face can take. Jeff "Hermes" Finger
Now I don't know how many of the visitors that visit my blog are female, but if you are, you probably knew exactly what that picture was of while most of us males were left scratching our heads. It is a Hermes Feu2Dou Canvas bag and it costs around $5,650. It's expensive, not flashy and you can get a bag from Walmart that serves the same purpose for $56.50. Sound familiar?

Now in case this idea ever gains momentum, I started it first and I fully expect a cut from every deal made!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Help Me Pick Out My Leafs Jersey

If you know me personally, you are aware of my bad luck when it comes to Leafs jerseys. I bought a Mogilny jersey during his second season with the Leafs only to have him get injured for basically the entire season. The very next season he played for the Devils River Rats.

My other jersey is a Sundin which I purchased when the Reebok Edge jerseys came out. Needless to say, I didn't get much mileage out of that either.

With two defunct Leafs jerseys, I feel a new one is due. For once, I would like to own one of a player who would be active for more than one season but with all the new additions to this year's line up, whose name and number should I get? Well, Barilkosphere, if we've learned anything over the past couple of days, it's that everybody loves a good vote. With that said, let's head to the polls!

Meet The Candidates:

Luke Schenn

Campaign: I bring hits and lots of them. I don't mind the fisticuffs and won't have a problem protecting the homeless. I will be a staple on the blue line for many years to come and will one day Captain this team. Vote Schenn because I. AM. OLAS!!!1

Opposition's rebuttal: A glorious choice indeed but seeing as he will be the future captain, you will need to update his jersey once he gets the C. You might as well wait for him to be named captain before picking one up.

Mikhail Grabovski

Campaign: I score, yes? I Belarusian, we crazy, yes? I Habs killer, yes? Vote me, yes? Free vodka for everybody.

Opposition's rebuttal:
Nazem Kadri

Campaign: Can you think of a better endorsement from Burkie than "Is that the kid you want? Well we're going to take him."Forget Luke Schenn, I'm the future! Schenn ain't scoring no goals. Vote Kadri for an optimistic future.

Opposition's Rebuttal: Sure, Kadri can light it up in the OHL but can he produce at an NHL level? He's still young. It's entirely possible that he could bust prematurely.

Jiri Tlusty

Campaign: Father give me tip, to say...nervous no more. I play AHL good. Bring game to NHL level. I penetrate defence. I like to score. Vote Tlusty for hard play, your vote will not get the shaft.

Opposition's Rebuttal: Yes, Jiri. We can see that you like to score.

Vernon Wells' stroke in clutch situations saves the day again

Tomas Kaberle

Campaign: 4 time all-star, shooting accuracy champion, amongst the league leader in points by defencemen every year. The credentials really speak for themselves. Vote Kaberle if you're looking for results!

Opposition's Rebuttal: Remember the last time you got a jersey of an older veteran who's contract was almost up? Yeah, that's what I thought. I know you're not ballsy enough to do it again.

Francois Beauchemin

Campaign: See this? I don't skate on ice, I wear that shit, bitches. Bling bling, muthafucka. How many other players on our team has one of these? I will delegate Defence Minister duties to my left hand. Vote Beachemin or I will fuck you up like I did Kopecky.

Opposition's Rebuttal: He's coming off of a major knee injury. Who knows how well he'll play during his three year contract. What if he turns out to be the second coming of Aki Berg?

Mike Komisarek

Campaign: As you can see in the video, I have a lot of experience exterminating pests. With all the city strikes in Toronto, looks like that skill will be much needed. If that's not enough to convince you then just look at me. I'm so ridiculously handsome that it would be a crime not to vote for me. Vote Komisarek. I'll take out the trash and look good doing it.

Opposition's Rebuttal: Let's see here. We have Komisarek for fives year. We play the Bruins six times a multiply the six, carry the one...that's 30 times during the term of his contract not including playoffs. Lucic will kill him before those fives years are up. Don't waste your money!

Jonas Gustavsson

Campaign: 42 games played, 1.96 GAA with a .932 Save % in the regular season. 10 games played, 1.03 GAA with a .961 save % and 5 shut outs in the PLAYOFFS!!!1 Though it wasn't the NHL, the SEL is nothing to scoff at. I recall another goalie from the SEL making the transition pretty nicely. Vote Gustavsson if you're tired of sub .900 save % from your goalies!

Opposition's Rebuttal: Jonas Hoglund plays in the SEL. Is this the competition this guy is facing? Wait for him to get a taste of the NHL before getting excited. Sure he could be the next Lundqvist but what if he's more like the next Trevor Kidd?

Well those are the candidates. If you're voting other then please leave a name in the comments. All entries will be carefully examined as long as it isn't a jersey foul. Time to make your vote count!*

*All vote results are subject to change in the event of martial law.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Day I Met My Hero

As somebody who grew up in the 90's, I absolutely adored this man. He is not only my favourite goalie of all time, but my favourite Leaf of all time. When my friends and I went out for recess, we didn't have to stick the fat kid in net; everybody was fighting to be The Cat for those 15 minutes. Though his play started diminishing in the mid-90's, I was and will always be in denial about it. In true eyebleaf fashion, I still believe in Felix Potvin!!!1

Needless to say, I was quite disappointed when The Leafs signed Curtis Joseph because I knew that meant Felix was gone. Though my heart wept, I had to carry on. I will always remember his lightning quick glove hand and this save

I remember being awe-struck when I saw this save. The next day everybody talked about it at school. I even tried it during our recess ball hockey game which was played on pavement. I was not a smart child...and I don't think I made the stop either.

After Felix was traded, I've always wanted him to do well and wished to see him amongst the league leaders in goalie stats. It never did quite happen. After the lock out, he just seemed to have disappeared. I don't remember an official retirement or anything.

It wasn't for another three years that I would hear of him again. He was going to be at an autograph signing at the Toronto Sports Card Expo. As soon as I heard the news, I took the day off work and started working on making some hockey cards for him to sign.

On the day of November 9, 2007, I finally got to meet him. The line up was quite lengthy but I have stood in line for cheaper thrills (like rides at Wonderland). As I was inching closer, I got butterflies in my stomach and my palms started to sweat. Now I don't usually get star-struck. Most of the time I don't even give a shit about celebrities but this was different, this guy was my hero. When I finally got to him, we shook hands and he asked me how I was doing. My mind was scattered and the best I could come up with was "Great, how have you been?" He told me he was doing well and asked what I wanted him to sign. I took the hockey cards I made out of my pocket and he seemed genuinely excited about them. His reaction was "Cool. I don't remember ever signing these." I told him that I made them and made an extra copy for him too in case he collected those sorts of things. He told me that I did a great job on them and thanked me for the gift.

I wish I got more out of that exchange but I really didn't know what to say. It was only after, when the blood returned to my brain, that I would regret not asking him what he liked about playing here or if he sees himself doing something in hockey now that he's retired. Though the whole thing might have only lasted a minute or two, it will forever be in my memory, just like that diving stop against the Blackhawks.

What's a tribute to this great man without this video? Yes, Philly broadcasters. Hextall really got the best of that one. Go Flyers!


Monday, August 17, 2009

The Best Chicken Wings #7: St. Louis Bar & Grill

Here's another entry for all you gluttons out there. This is my second wings entry and it was one I was very excited to try. A few days after I posted my All-Stars Wings & Ribs review, stlouisatrium started following me on Twitter. I don't know how they found me, nor did I care. It just seemed like fate and if fate was going to lead me to their delicious wings then so be it. I've never been to St. Louis Bar & Grill before but I do recall these commercials that The Fan 590 used to air a few years ago where St. Louis claimed that through blind taste tests, they have the best wings in Toronto. Needless to say, the hypetrain was going full speed.

I logged into Twitter, holla'd at stlouisatrium and told them I was coming for lunch that day and he replied.

Sweet, they had a promotion too! Fate is one sexy bitch, my friend.

Location: 5/5

The St. Louis Bar & Grill I went to is located inside The Atrium on Bay (I know there's a few of them). The Atrium is across from Eaton Centre and the actual restaurant is right across from Spring Rolls. The location is great. It is basically right in the middle of downtown Toronto and you're pretty much there once you get off at Dundas station. Sure, there may be a few homeless people in the area, but doesn't that give it an authentic St. Louis feel?

Taste: 2/5

I went to St. Louis with two co-workers and the first thing I noticed was that they served Dos Equis. I've never tried Dos Equis before but I'm a sucker for good advertising so we got a bucket. I thought it would taste like Corona, Sol and other similar Mexican beers but it didn't. It was rather crisp, albeit light and went down easy. It's a satisfying patio beer but nothing I would buy for the house. While we were becoming the most interesting men in the world, we took a look at the menus. St. Louis has a total of 13 flavours on their menu (unlike All-Star wings and their billion flavours) and none of them had names that were double entendres! This would make picking a flavour that much easier. We all decided to get a different flavour to get a good idea where their wings were at. We ordered a serving each of Hot & Honey, Hot and Authentic Buffalo.

Hot - This was the flavour I ordered. It wasn't hot at all. They don't even taste like they are meant to be hot. They were just very salty.

Authentic Buffalo - This tasted slightly like the "hot" wings I ordered but with more of a buffalo flavour. They weren't spicy and again was too salty for my liking.

Hot & Honey - Sticking with their theme, this flavour was more sweet than it was hot. Actually, like the other two, it wasn't hot at all. Though the sweet tanginess is what makes this flavour what it is. I thought it was the best of the ones we got.

As for the wings itself. They were a bit small and were dry; almost as if they were overcooked. I was disappointed to say the least.

The saving grace of the visit is the packet of dill sauce they include with your order! I used it for my fries and it was delicious. If you do make the trip, you may want to ask for extra because you won't be able to get enough of it (though each extra packet costs $0.50).

Value: 1.5/5

As I've previously written, getting wings anywhere will usually put a dent in your wallet but the wings at St. Louis Bar & Grill are small, mediocre tasting and already over $1 per wing before taxes. The 9 piece wings combo is $10.45 and the 18 piece wings combo is $19.95. The combos do come with fries and a packet of dill sauce, but I didn't see anything for just wings on their menu.

But wait, they have deals, don't they? I mean, you just read the tweet earlier on my page that if I mentioned it and got a large drink, I would get a free regular order of wings. Well, when I brought it up with the waitress, she had no idea what I was even talking about. When I asked to talk to Manu (less than a half hour after his tweet asking me to say hi), he wasn't in. Go figure.

Verdict: 2 Poo-Holes out of 5

St. Louis...Poo-holes, get it?

I have to say that St. Louis Bar & Grill was rather disappointing considering that they have a reputation for solid wings. I've had better wings at more commercial franchises like Shoeless Joe's and Jack Astors. The fact that their own employees weren't aware of promotion offers via twitter seemed rather dubious. It wasn't all bad though. Their fries and dill sauce were very good and I heard good things about their ribs as well. They are also becoming a Raptors spot (though I've read this on their twitter so who knows if this is true) so they may be a decent place to catch a Raps game at. However, if you're just craving for wings, I would advise going elsewhere to satisfy those cravings.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How to get Americans to Embrace Hockey

Gary Bettman has been pretty focused on one thing ever since becoming the NHL commissioner; selling the game to Americans. What if I told you he's been doing it all wrong? Forget about the teams in the Southern states; let's bring teams back to Quebec, Winnipeg and damnit, let's give Balsillie his team to put in Hamilton. Forget that Americans don't like fighting; let's remove the instigator so we can see more donnybrooks. Forget the shoot out; hockey's a team game. You want to know what the saving grace for hockey will be in the states? FAKE REFEREES!!!

Let me be the pitcher tonight, I caught last night

The Blues Jays gets about the same amount of coverage in the states as hockey does. There has only been two instances this season where they received American mainstream media coverage: Roy Halladay possibly getting traded at the deadline and the fake umpires. The fake umps have had articles written about them, they got their own Sportscentre piece and even the Yankees gave them free tickets to do their thing in Yankee stadium. If there's one thing to be learned here it's that Americans absolutely love it when a couple of douchebags dress up as umpires. So why wouldn't this work for hockey?

The attire is pretty standard. You need a striped ref shirt, black pants, a black hockey helmet, a whistle and the orange armbands to separate you from the linesmen.

However, differentiating what should be a penalty and what shouldn't be a penalty can be pretty difficult with the way the game has changed since the lockout. The following is a guide with some of the more common penalties for you to print out to bring to games so you will know when to get right up to the glass, blow your whistle and call two minutes for high sticking.

Interference/Obstruction: I will start you off with one of the most common penalties in the game today. This penalty is supposed to be called when Player A interferes with Player B when Player B doesn't have the puck, hence interference. However, in recent years, I have also learned that this is also the universal signal for "I don't know what the penalty is but I think one should be called". Remember this one, you will be using it a lot.

High-Sticking: This penalty should be called when Player A's stick is above their shoulder and clips Player B. Very often, a high-stick will draw blood which is an extra two minutes for the offender. History shows that this penalty is not called in playoff games when a star player commits it, no matter how bad the other guy bleeds.

Tripping: This penalty is called when Player A uses his body or stick to trip Player B. If Player B embellishes it, then it appears that you must call both the trip and the dive, never just the dive alone.

Holding: You will call this when Player A takes a hand off the stick and grabs Player B to restrain them or to slow their progress. This is probably the easiest penalty to call. Just look for the guy who immediately drops his stick and puts up his arms when you look at them.

Hooking: This is called when Player A uses his stick to restrain Player B. You know it is a hook when Player A lets go of his stick and the stick is still trapped under Player B's arm. That's how tight the hook is. It will take the jaws of life to pry it from Player B.

Spearing: When Player A stabs Player B with his stick. This is an automatic 5 minute penalty but as the ref, you can let them off easy when Player A promises to giggle for you after the game.

Slashing: When Player A swings his stick at Player B and makes contact. This penalty is not only called when it is stick on body. It is also called upon stick on stick contact. You should blow your whistle and call this anytime you see a broken stick on the ice because it must take a vicious slash to break one of those technologically advanced sticks nowadays.

Roughing: This penalty is called when Player A punches Player B (usually in the head or face) when the two are not in a fight. Roughing can also be called when two players get into a fight and one player doesn't throw a punch. The winner will get 5 for fighting and the punching bag will get a roughing minor for roughing up the winner's knuckles.

Elbowing: This penalty is called when Chris Pronger extends his elbow to meet his opponent's face.

Cross-Checking: This is called when Player A uses the shaft of his stick to forcefully check Player B. It appears that professional referees will let this slide up to 4 times. It won't be a penalty until the player does it 5 times in a row.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: This is called when a player chirps at the referee or acts like a soccer player. There is one exception to this rule. Any ref who calls unsportsmanlike on Crosby will be fined an undisclosed amount.

Boarding: You call this penalty anytime a player's back is facing a Montreal Canadien.

Those are some of the more common penalties you will see in a game.

If you have a friend who wants to join in the mix, they can gladly be the linesman. The linesman's job is to call the icings, the offsides and to break up fights. That last part will be key when fake reffing in Philadelphia.

Well, I did my part. If you want hockey to blow up in America then the rest is up to you. Put on that zebra shirt, strap on that hockey helmet, only you can help fill up the seats at the arena in Phoenix.

Now remember, real refs don't take days off so you shouldn't either. Feeling tired, maybe you missed a call or two? Well, that's okay. The good thing about reffing an NHL game is that you won't be penalized for missed calls if you can lie about being screened on the play. You know, because it's not like there's anybody who can prove you wrong or anything.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Best Souvlaki & Gyros: The Taste of Danforth Edition

For those of you who don't know, The Taste of Danforth is an annual event held in the heart of Toronto's Greek community. For one weekend in August for the past 16 years, a long strip along Danforth is closed to traffic allowing store owners along that strip to strut out their best souvlaki, gyros, spinach pies and other Greek dishes. The website claims it is Canada's largest street festival and welcomes well over a million visitors.

For the past 15 years, I've never been to The Taste of Danforth and frankly I've never had much of an interest to. I finally decided to check it out this year with a couple of friends (including the
foodtographer) and I'm glad I made that decision. Meat on a stick for $3? Wrapped in a pita for $5? Where do I sign up?

Of the 11 restaurants on the best souvlaki & gyros in Toronto list, seven of them were located on Danforth. I knew I wouldn't be able to review all of them but I was going to do the best I can.

The Best Souvlaki & Gyros #2: Messini

Fries can make anything better

Messini was the first stop. They set up a tent and were selling either chicken or pork gyros for $5. I guess everybody else knew of their reputation as well because the line up was pretty long. Thankfully it moved pretty quickly. Once we got to the front of the line and made our order, we were given a ticket based on whether we wanted chicken or pork. We were then moved to the side and workers would instruct you to go to the next available chef. The chef then took a pita, spread tzaziki sauce on it, topped it with tomatos and onions, loaded it with your meat of choice and then crammed some fries in there before wrapping it.

The pita was soft and warm, the chicken was tender and the tzaziki was strong but not overpowering. This was pretty much a full meal and was totally worth the $5 (though I'm not sure how much it is regularly on their menu). Considering the contents and the size of this thing, you definitely will not find it in your weight-watcher's diet but fuck it, you can eat a salad for lunch tomorrow; this gyro is too good to pass up.

The Best Souvlaki & Gyros #1: Astoria

I love this pork souvlaki so much, I want to take it behind a middle school and get it pregnant

Once we were done at Messini, we were off to Astoria. It wasn't hard to spot. Just look for the long ass line. The line started so far back that I couldn't even read what they were offering. Whatever it was, I knew it had to be good and I had to have it. As the line inched forward, I saw what they were selling; Pork Souvlaki for $3. I looked for another sign because there has to be more than this, right? Were they including a pair of Leafs tickets with your purchase or something? There's no way all these people are lining up just for pork souvlaki when every other vendor is selling the same thing. After a good 15-20 minutes in line, we finally got our meat on a stick.

Have you ever had a perfect moment? A moment where all your troubles fade away, a moment that feels so surreal that you question whether it's a fantasy, a moment that you want to live in forever yet if you died right there and then you would be completely content since you have experienced "the moment". For many it could be a first kiss? Their wedding? The birth of their child? Well for me, it was my first bite of this pork souvlaki. The pork was seasoned to perfection and the texture is what meat lovers dream of. It was crunchy on the outside which trapped its juices on the inside. The meat itself was tender and juicy. It was definitely love at first bite! I do regret getting this because how will I ever be content with eating meat again after having this? It's hard to believe that meat can be this good. My only explanation is that they sprinkled their pork with crack before cooking it.

The Biggest Regret: Blackstone

Ever wonder what a kangaroo burger looked like? Exactly like a regular burger!

Now I don't know about you but I love trying weird, exotic meats. I mean if somebody on the other side of the world loves it, then why wouldn't I? This has led to some regretful choices (fox, ostrich and snail to name a few). Well, yesterday I added another mammal to that list; Kangaroo. Blackstone was serving kangaroo burgers for $4 and the curiosity just got the best of me and my friend. We ended up splitting one. Do people really eat kangaroo down under? Because this kangaroo burger was just disgusting. The taste is very hard to describe. The patty was more tender than a beef patty but it had a very strong and bold wild flavour to it if you know what I mean. I guess I would compare it to lamb if I had to pick a meat to compare it to and I hate eating lamb too. I didn't end up finishing my half and if you know me, I rarely ever let food go to waste.

The Dessert: Demetres

R.I.P. Top Cone

I don't even know if I can call this dessert since dessert is always served at the end. This is more like "I'm eating ice cream because I am not going to back track all the way here to get dessert when the day is over". Demetres was selling their homemade style ice cream. You could either get a waffle cone for $3 or a scoop in a cup with strawberries for $3. I opted for a cup of Cookeo (cookie dough flavour) because cones are messy. To prove that, the foodtographer got a cone (pictured). The top cone shattered shortly after the picture was taken and her hair ended up dipping into the ice cream. Nice!

The ice cream was just awesome. It was creamy, not too sweet and had a good amount of cookie crumbs. It had a buttery soft consistency yet I wasn't left with a soup when I reached the bottom. I can't think of many more satisfying ways to cool off on a hot summer day.

The Best Souvlaki & Gyros #9: Louis Authentic Gyros and Souvlaki Take-Out

Don't cross the swords!

Now the Louis stand had a bit of everything. They were selling quails for $3, pork or chicken souvlaki for $3 (or 2 for $5), in a pita for $5 and a lot of other stuff as well. I wanted to see how they would measure up to Astoria so I got the pork souvlaki. While the meat was very good and tender, there really wasn't a comparison. The chunks were a lot smaller, the seasoning was a bit salty for my liking and the meat wasn't nice and charred like the souvlaki from Astoria. Now don't get me wrong, it was still a very good souvlaki, Astoria is just that good!

The Best Souvlaki & Gyros #4: Asteria

Astoria > Asteria

My last stop of the day was at Asteria. They were selling chicken or pork on a stick for $3 or in a pita for $5. The line up was moderately long so I figured this place must be pretty good, afterall it is #4 on the list. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed. While the meat had nice and crunchy grill marks, the seasoning was a bit heavy. I found the meat too salty and it left an aftertaste in my mouth. It was far from horrible but I guess since it was #4, I expected more. The chunks of meat were about the same size as Louis' but I prefer Louis' souvlaki over Asteria's. I can imagine a lot of their customers going there thinking it is Astoria only to be left disappointed.

I think I'm going through some sort of Astoria souvlaki withdrawal already. I may need to go next weekend just to satisfy this hunger. If you're looking to go, hit me up in the comments. I'm paying! (This last paragraph only applies if you're a hot single female - Bow Chicka Wow Wow)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

They're Not Your Kreepy Unkle

Don't be alarmed, I didn't join the Bloods. Shit, if I was going to join a gang, I would be a Crip all the way. R.I.P. Tookie...?

As you can probably tell, I'm taking a break from studying (aka procrastinating). Just thought I would update the blog one last time before I go into overdrive mode. Ever hear a song so haunting, so beautiful, so mesmorizing that you just had to share it with the world? It happens to me a lot. The song of the moment for me is Unkle - Heaven.


The vocals may be limited but the melody is just hypnotizing. And the video? Spike Jonze, skateboarding, slow-motion shots, explosions. Need I say more? Unkle is one of my favourite groups. Their creativity is off the wall but it sucks that all their exclusive shit is usually only available in Japan or in the UK. Even on ebay, it would cost an arm and a leg. Well, I hope you enjoy. This is trip hop at it's finest.

Feel free to post a song you're totally feeling at the moment in the comments. I would love to check it out.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Long weekends suck

When you a final to study for. With two days gone already, I realized I have done little to no studying. I guess I've always been one to procrastinate and usually got shit done in late game situations. Hopefully I'm more MJ in the clutch than I am Patrik Stefan.

Well, I'll leave you all with a good summer tune that I totally forgot about until I heard it on Entourage a couple of weeks ago.