Monday, September 7, 2009

The Price is Right: Leafs Edition

The Leafs Rookie game against the Pens was just on last night and they had another one against the Bruins this afternoon. After those cock teases, I'm just bubbling with giddy anticipation. I don't recall ever being so excited for the new season to start. So many fresh faces, so much hope, so much promise!

Now it's been three seasons in a row already that we haven't made the playoffs. While we're heading toward the right direction, I'm not sure if next year will be the year. If we are in for another dreadful season, it doesn't mean we can't have fun with it.

Barilkosphere, come on down!

I figure people love free shit so why not have a contest?

To enter, just submit your answers in the comments. I will be taking entries all week (Sept 13 is the last day) so any comments submitted after that will be void. Leave an e-mail or some sort of contact information so I can get at you if you win.

1. Over/Under on the number of goals Jason Blake will score: 24.5
2. Over/Under on the number of fighting majors Luke Schenn will get: 4.5
3. Over/Under on the number of points Jiri Tlusty will get: 50.5
4. Over/Under on the number of wins The Monster will get: 19.5
5. Over/Under on the number of goals for this team will score: 239.5

True or false
1. We will make the playoffs.
2. We will finish above the dirty Habs.
3. Mike van Ryn will not get put on injured reserve this year.
4. The Monster will outplay Toskala for the starting job.
5. Our penalty killing will be in the top 10 at season's end.

Pick a Player
1. _______ will be the first person to get suspended.
2. _______ will score the first goal of the season.
3. _______ will be the first to be healthy scratched.
4. _______ will be the first to be traded.
5. _______ will lead the team in +/-

Predict the Leafs' record in the month that matters.

Autograph prize pack!
Consisting of a certified authentic autograph from Johnny Bower, Mats Sundin and Luke Schenn.

Since a lot of the answers won't be known until the end of the season, I will have to contact the winner once the season is over.

Best of luck!

Just for kicks my picks are

1. Under
2. Over
3. Over
4. Over
5. Under

True or false
1. True
2. True
3. False
4. True
5. True

Pick a Player
1. Garnet Exelby
2. Nikolai Kulemin
3. Matt Stajan
4. Ian White
5. Francois Beauchemin