Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympic Contest Winner!

With the Olympics over and done with, it's time to tally up the points to see who was the winner of the contest!

E Daniel Clark: 11 Points
Leafies: 12 Points
Skinnyfish: 13 Points
Rich: 16 Points
Sleza: 17 Points
Kessticle: 17 Points
Will: 19 Points
Shield: 23 Points
MykeNose: 23 Points
Gooner4Ever: 24 Points
Space Weed: 24 Points
Fleet Fox: 25 Points

Congrats to Fleet Fox for owning the podium!
Shoot me an email at dennis0430 at gmail dot com to claim your prize

Thankfully, no tie-breaker was needed.

What I learned from the contest
  • Joe Thornton is in true playoff form, scoring 2 points in 7 games
  • The top 2 scorers were Marian Hossa and Pavol Demitra and nobody picked them. No respect for the Slovaks!
  • The only goose-egg pick was Lidstrom who didn't register a point in 4 games
  • Niklas Hagman is the highest scoring Finn. Now you can't say he's never done anything for the Finns, sleza!
  • Remember that offensive dynamo team from Russia? They only had one player in the top 30...
  • Canadians led the way with 13 players in the top 30, followed by Slovakia with 6 then the US with 4.