Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Year of Emotions

Have no fear. I have not died. Life just kind of got in the way of blogging (read: I've been spending all my free time playing Modern Warfare 2). I figured with the year dwindling down, I should do one last post before 2009 is over. Don't worry, it won't be a top 10 list. As with every other year, it was an emotional rollercoaster in the world of sports. Being a Toronto sports fan, we've definitely seen more lows than highs. Here are some of the emotions I felt along with the events that caused them.


  • Leafs? No
  • Raptors? No
  • Blue Jays? No
  • Argos? Who cares...but no

  • Doc's departure - I don't think I've felt this sad since Felix Potvin was traded
  • Sundin hangs em up - It was expected but it didn't make it any easier
  • Federer losing to Del Potro - Could have made it 6 straight US Opens. Definitely had his chances to put the match away. I hope he has some great years left in the tank
  • Dustin McGowan - Okay so we still don't know if he'll be back or not but when you hear whispers of a player never playing again...chances are he will not be the same if he does
  • R.I.P. Teeder - The Leafs lost a legend but the heavens gained a hero
  • Ian White - And his continued strong play. He is nearing folk-hero status
  • Phil Kessel - I don't care what he cost. I don't remember the last time the Leafs have had a winger this dynamic since...ever!
  • The emergence of Adam Lind and Aaron Hill - I thought both would be good but I had no idea they would be this good! All they're missing is some sort of dynamic duo nickname.
  • Kid Kadri - I wasn't sure about the pick at first but watching him at the World Juniors is definitely a joy. The kid is as gritty as they come. The throat-slash was the icing on the cake. Also, this.
  • Doc vs AJ - The emotion at that event was just phenomenal.
  • Burkie's Doghouse - Bacon wrapped hot can get it in a footlong. That is all.
  • Waiving Rios - I still give a fuck! Rios still has all the tools to be a star in the league. If he puts it all together next year...Somebody buy me a voodoo doll!
  • Bosh's future - I'm going to go on and say that Bosh won't sign an extension with us. If that holds true, this future Raptors team will be a joke to watch.
  • Losing 8 straight - Bring on the Taylor Hall jokes...which sounded so very real at the time
  • Monster's Heart - So they say it's not a serious procedure and it isn't uncommon to have it twice...but that's still the motherfuckin heart you're dealing with!!!
  • Shogun snubbed - Shogun loses a unanimous victory to Machida for the light-heavyweight belt. Everybody else who has eyes thinks differently.
  • Vernon's performance - As much as I wanted to believe in him (I had him on my fantasy team at some point!) he was just so frustrating to watch at the plate
  • Vesa Toskala - This pretty much sums it up
  • 13th Man - I would totally be pissed about it if I was a Riders fan
  • Tiger Woods - You had Elin freakin' Nordegren! What more do you want?
  • Greasegate - Allegations of GSP greasing against Penn were totally bogus. Did they not see how badly BJ got his ass whooped? Greasing doesn't help boxing, take downs or elbows to the face
  • Jays hot start - Probably the greatest cocktease of all time but it was fun while it lasted
  • Komisarek and Beauchemin in October - Uhhh....I thought you guys were better than this?
  • Patrice Bergeron? - Seriously?
  • Drabek - You've got some big shoes to fill
  • In the race - Leafs are in that group fighting for 8th. The playoffs are in sight!
  • Team Canada - Winning gold on Canadian soil sounds awfully nice
  • 5th straight - As of today, the Raps have won five straight and is one game under .500!
  • PLAYOFFS!!1 - In 2010. Book it.
Goodbye 2009!