Friday, July 24, 2009

You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello

Live from my cubicle...just one more hour until I can get out of here. I'll be off to find scalpers to get tickets to see The Doctor do his thing live one last time. That's right, I said it. I've already cut my ties, the bags have been packed, the tears have been shed (okay, not quite yet) and I'm ready to move on. Perhaps I will find a new ace to adore. Hopefully I can find one in my boy Shaun Marcum (so my jersey doesn't add to my growing pile of defunct Toronto jerseys) or the young southpaw, Ricky Romero (RR Cool Jay to those in the know) or even Mr. Rzepczynski (that's right, I memorized it). Whoever it might be, they will never replace the void that Doc is leaving in my heart. Much like how Felix Potvin will always be my favourite Leafs goalie, Halladay will always be my ace.

I wish you the best, Doc. You've deserved it. Come October, I will be rooting for you to take your team deep in the World Series...even if you end up going to the Yankees (but for my sake, please don't). I will watch proudly as you lift the World Series trophy over your head not once, but twice. Perhaps after getting the sweet taste of victory we can be reunited once again. If not, no hard feelings because I know I'll get to see you donning the Blue Jays cap at least one more time; the day you rightfully take your place in Cooperstown.